Get your URL added to 25 of the most popular search engines, free!

  1. Yahoo! (Inktomi secondary results)
  2. AltaVista
  3. LookSmart (Scooter secondary results)
  4. Excite
  5. AOL NetFind
  6. Magellan (Architext secondary results)
  7. Netscape Net Search
  8. WebCrawler
  9. Google!
  10. HotBot
  11. Direct Hit
  13. MSN Web Search
  14. Seachopolis
  15. Snap (Inktomi secondary results)
  16. WWW Worm
  17. Infoseek
  18. GO
  19. Lycos
  20. Northern Light
  21. What-U-Seek
  22. Dogpile
  23. Inference Find!
  24. MetaCrawler
  25. Scrub The Web

Register your URL

To be elgible for this service, all you have to do is add the following html to each page for which you are submitting a url:

<font size="5"> <a href="">Kalamazoo Michigan</a> </font>

Once you have added that html to your page, submit your url below. All pages will be checked. If the html above is not present, your url will not be sent to the search engines.

E-MAIL (optional):

If your browser does not support mailto forms (which is what the above is), then e-mail your url to me manually Please put FREE SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION in your subject line. If your browser supports it, this link will autoinclude the subject for you (Netscape 3, Netscape 4, and MSIE 4 support it; MSIE 3 DOES NOT SUPPORT IT).

How is this service better than other free search engine submissions?

Other free search engine submission services work on the basis of someone writing a cgi (or similar) that does the work. No human intervention. It is all automated. As you might have read elsewhere, there have been a substantial number of changes to many search engines in the past few months. Changes in their ranking alograthims, changes to their spidering and indexing policies, partnering with other search services, outright buying other search engines.

The most sigificant part to adding urls is the fact that some search engines are rejecting robot submitted urls, most likely due to spamming problems. I assume they are doing it either based on ip addresses of known robots, or a given ip and/or domain is limited to so many submissions a day. It varies from engine to engine, but the bottom line is the free robots aren't as effective as they once were due to these recent changes at some of the search engines.

For example, there is a popular service that submits your url to 9 search engines. In my personal experience, only 2 search engines are still indexing pages submitted from this robot. When you use the service, it appears as your page is being submitted, because it is. The problem is, the search engines are not indexing the pages.

The solution? Have your url manually submitted to the search engines. Obviously that is a time consuming process. That's what I am here for. I am the only service I know of that has a human being actually manually sumbit the urls for you, for free. All you have to do is place the link given in the html above.

How do you know I am submitting your url? You can optionally submit to me your e-mail address, which I will include along with your url when submitted to the search engine. Some of the engines will e-mail you back confirming that your url has been registered. So, you will know that I have done the work. Now, be careful, there are two search engines (which I will not name) that are known for spamming via the e-mail address given in the add url process. If you give me your e-mail address, be prepared for some spam from those two search engines. I personally don't have any want or need for your e-mail address, but if you are paranoid that I will not submit your urls, then give me your e-mail address as well, and be prepared for some spam.

I can't guarantee your rankings (neither can anyone else, if they say they can, they are lying), just that you will be added. Take a good look at that list of search engines. There are several there that I submit to that I have never seen on those other "free search engine" submission pages. It's because they don't fit easily with a robot submission. Compare, you'll see the same thing. Register your URL.

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Scrub The Web

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